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A Bastianelli Group "ON TARGET" Service

In order to operate and grow a business in this ever-changing competitive environment, it is imperative for business owners to know where they are going and how they will get there.

The Bastianelli Group has developed the Business Enhancement Program™ to help your business get on track and reach its full potential. This program helps you, as a business owner, see your business from many different perspectives. We work with you to identify and correct problems. We develop new goals that lay the foundation for success. Then we develop a plan with definable action steps to achieve these goals. This process maps your course from where you are, to where you want to go. Then we help you get there.

Our clients engage a broader competitive perspective - no longer working "in" their business, but "on" their business.

The Bastianelli Group works with growing small and mid-size businesses facilitating the development of mature, professionally managed, financially stable companies.

Comprehensive Business Analysis

We analyze these key areas of your business:

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Organization and Human Resources
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Management and Systems

    This process includes analyzing opportunities for growth by reviewing management, leadership, personnel and infrastructure. We analyze current profitability and business systems. We also look at the external forces influencing your company's potential, such as competition and marketplace factors.

    The analysis culminates in a comprehensive review of your business - identifying strengths and exposing weaknesses. This balanced approach helps you see your business from all perspectives and helps us determine the systems and practices needed for your business to facilitate and sustain growth.

    Goal Development

    Using the findings from the Comprehensive Business Analysis, we work with you to shape, develop and refine the goals of your business. This process includes focusing on current and future aspects of the business, both tangible and intangible.

    First we set long-range business goals and draw an action map for achievement. Then we develop short-term goals and develop specific action steps and tactics. These action steps provide focus for the business and help keep goals top-of-mind.

    Profit and Cash Flow Planning

    The profit and cash flow plan for your company is developed from information gathered from Stages I and II. We build the plan from assumptions about your company taking into consideration: how things are working currently; specific changes being implemented; and the overall vision.

    The profit and cash flow plan is an invaluable planning tool. It forces you to focus on the future of your business and to plan for profits and cash flows. This type of planning allows you to proactively take control of situations.

    The profit and cash flow plan can be used as:

  • A leadership tool to provide insight, direction and focus.

  • A management tool to communicate specific financial expectations and accountabilities, allowing for alignment of all members of your organization.

  • A tool to identify capital needs and to communicate these needs to funding sources.

    Executive Coaching Sessions

    Coaching sessions with you and key management are designed to keep the business on track. Your coach monitors progress and keeps everyone focused on goals. Together we review new information, analyze budget vs. actual information, review upcoming expectations and develop new action steps.

    Working with your coach allows you to identify and consistently implement key strategies because it provides an external perspective and discipline. This type of systematic focus on the success of your business will better enable you to identify and execute new strategies for change.
  • Who can benefit from this service?

  • Business owners with rapidly growing companies.

  • Business owners who want to increase the level of control and direction of their business.

  • Business owners who want to stay focused on the critical success factors of their business.

  • Business owners that desire the modeling tools necessary to analyze and compare business opportunities.
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