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A Bastianelli Group "ON TARGET" Coaching Service

We believe a company must have good financial management to achieve its full potential.

Owners of growing businesses typically find themselves attending to financial challenges that need immediate attention like cash flow dips, covering payroll, or getting bank financing. Putting out fires on a regular basis drains the energy of a leader and distracts from planning for long-term solutions.

Our Financial Analysis and Coaching Program™ provides proactive planning for small and mid-size businesses that do not have an in-house Chief Financial Officer managing their finances. The Bastianelli Group functions as your company's CFO, so you can concentrate on other critical success factors of your business.

We focus specifically on the financial, profitability, cash flow, and tax-related issues of your business. We help you stay on track to achieve your financial goals.

We identify problems and recommend solutions; develop financial goals and objectives; create useful financial analysis and cash flow tools; focus on expense reduction ideas; and define and utilize profitability tracking and management tools. We help you understand your financial statements so you know where your business stands at all times.

The Bastianelli Group facilitates your company's evolution to the next level of performance.

Comprehensive Financial Analysis
& Goal Setting

We take a critical look at your company's operations and financial position. This process includes an in-depth analysis of your current profitability and your existing budgeting and financial reporting systems.

We work with you to set financial goals for your business and create a strategic plan and timeline to achieve these goals.

By understanding present operating conditions and financial goals, we are able to define action steps to improve business habits, conditions and systems. We determine profitability, spot trends and evaluate growth rates.

Profit and Cash Flow Planning

The profit and cash flow plan for your company is developed from information gathered from Stage I of the process. We build the plan from assumptions about your company taking into consideration how things are working currently; specific changes being implemented; and the overall vision.

The profit and cash flow plan is an invaluable planning tool. It forces you to focus on the future of your business and to plan for profits and cash flows. This type of planning allows you to proactively take control of situations.

The profit and cash flow plan can be used as:

  • A leadership tool to provide insight, direction and focus.

  • A management tool to communicate specific financial expectations and accountabilities, allowing for alignment of all members of your organization.

  • A tool to identify capital needs and to communicate these needs to funding sources.

    Financial Coaching Sessions

    Financial coaching sessions are designed to keep the business financial goals on target. Your coach monitors progress and keeps everyone focused on goals. Together we review new financial information, analyze budget vs. actual information, review upcoming profit plan expectations and develop new action steps.

    Working with your coach allows you to identify and consistently implement key strategies because it provides an external perspective and discipline. This type of systematic focus on the success of your business will better enable you to identify, and execute new strategies for change.
  • Who can benefit from this service?

  • Companies experiencing cash flow challenges.

  • Companies that would like to strengthen and expand their banking relationships.

  • Companies experiencing profitability challenges.

  • Business owners who are feeling financially out of control or have a lack of direction.

  • Business owners that want to stay focused on the critical success factors of their business.
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